How ondojo supports competence growth

  • This is ondojo

    Discover the App.

  • Your strength & your potential

    A playful self-assessment.

  • Build up routines

    Your daily skill & mindset training.

  • Start your Hero's Journey.

    Your first steps in ondojo.

  • Use the quickstart

    Find the right content for you.

  • The ondojo sessions

    Choose your topic from more than 100 sessions.

  • Self-reflection in ondojo

    Reflect your thoughts and actions.

  • Individuel learning journey.

    Determine your learning journey yourself.

  • Transfer to practice

    Train first and then apply to real life. 

  • Get feedback

    With the ondojo Buddy Connection.

  • The Wrap-Ups

    Your key-learnings at a glance.

  • mguides - practical guides

    Prepare conversations and practical situations.

  • 10 Minutes training per day

    To make lasting changes to your life.

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