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In which areas of your life are things not yet working properly? Where do you feel you still have room for improvement? Do you want to communicate better, be more motivated in life, implement your ideas better, be a better leader, etc.? ondojo supports you in achieving your goals with the right skills and a strong mindset.


With the method of transformative learning, ondojo guides you into self-reflection. You reflect on your thoughts, actions and behaviour and recognise where you can and want to change something. 

Skills and mindset training

With ondojo, you build the skills that are relevant to your life and your goals. Learn tried-and-tested techniques & methods. Strengthen your mindset. 

From theory to practice

Using real practical examples from your life, you will first practise what you have learned in a safe space and then apply it successfully in real life. 

Use your strengths

By becoming aware of your strengths and potential, you increase your confidence in yourself. 

Build new routines

You will learn new skills and find out how you can best apply them in everyday life to better master your daily challenges. This will make you more motivated, confident and positive in life. 

Reach your goals

You recognise what is holding you back, dissolve it and can thus unfold your full potential. 

This is ondojo

Video abspielen

Immerse yourself in the world of ondojo with our image film and find out what topics await you in the app. 

Daily training

ondojo supports you in building new routines. Put together your daily, personalised competence training from more than 50 skills. 

Individual & practical

Choose the topics that are relevant to your life from more than 100 ondojo sessions and build skills based on real-life practical situations. 

How ondojo supports competence growth

  • This is ondojo

    Discover the App.

  • Your strength & your potential

    A playful self-assessment.

  • Build up routines

    Your daily skill & mindset training.

  • Start your Hero's Journey.

    Your first steps in ondojo.

  • Use the quickstart

    Find the right content for you.

  • The ondojo sessions

    Choose your topic from more than 100 sessions.

  • Self-reflection in ondojo

    Reflect your thoughts and actions.

  • Individuel learning journey.

    Determine your learning journey yourself.

  • Transfer to practice

    Train first and then apply to real life. 

  • Get feedback

    With the ondojo Buddy Connection.

  • The Wrap-Ups

    Your key-learnings at a glance.

  • mguides - practical guides

    Prepare conversations and practical situations.

  • 10 Minutes training per day

    To make lasting changes to your life.

ondojo for businesses

A strong business needs strong employees. With ondojo, your employees receive a learning and working tool with which they can realise their full potential individually and as a team – to be successful together. 

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ondojo cooperations

The Agile Challenge on ondojo

Playfully lead your team into agile working and take your leadership skills to the next level. 

The ROC competence test on ondojo

The scientifically based personality test from The ROC as a basis for building competences on ondojo. 

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